At 1PXL, we strive to create the future now. Our members have 15 years of professional experience with industry grade equipment from various departments in the audiovisual field. We specialize in photo, video, software engineering, graphic design, lighting, and branding. It makes it possible for us to work at any stage in the production process or even manage it entirely. This makes us a one stop shop for any audiovisual or immersive project. While offering top-level service, our goal is to create content at the highest quality imagined by you.


Chady Ghorayeb

Directeur créatif

Chady is a spark of creativity to any project he collaborates on. He works with artists, designers, and creators to implement a creative vision like no other. He will meet with clients and find solutions to any budget. Having experience both on set, and in studio, he has the knowledge needed to lead a team of professionals.

Dylan Gouze

Music Producer

Dylan is a music producer, songwriter, sound designer and performing artist.
With a distinct Bachelors Degree in Electroacoustics and a DEC in Performance Arts,
Dylan has a large repertoire of skills in all things audio and performance.
His writer and producer credits amount to over 100 thousand plays on Spotify alone.
He can write, record, produce, mix and master all your projects with a unique touch of authenticity and industry-grade quality.

Davide Chiazzese


Davide is an actor, budding director and emerging filmmaker. After graduating from the Professional Theatre Program in Acting at John Abbott College, he became an Artistic Associate of Teesri Duniya Theatre, dedicated to producing politically and socially relevant theatre. During his time there, he adapted his first play and completed a comprehensive directing mentorship in collaboration with The Other Theatre?s Stacey Christodoulou. This experience led him to participate in Black Theatre Workshop?s Artist Mentorship Program, in its inaugural year.
Since teaming up with 1PXL, we released our very first SHORT entitled Ring Ring available on YouTube!

Mark Doummar


Mark's brand of photography features cool environments combined with spatial neon overtones are some of his more grande works, leaving his signature mark (no pun intended) with an unmistakable and defining artistic flare that will surely inspire generations with endless creative opportunities.

Lara Debay


With her major sense of organisation and her great communication skills, Lara supports the team by coordinating projects and administrative tasks. Her ability to work under pressure and her time management skills help to keep the team on track.

Joseph Atallah

Technical Director

Joseph is a technology evangelist that
specializes in programming VR/AR experiences and
video games. His past experience includes creating
medical VR experiences that simulate the interaction
between the human body and a vaccine. He has also
developed a live VR streaming application for the radio show ?La soirée est encore jeune? on Radio-Canada. His skills, passion and commitment can bring a lot to the table.

Mariane Abinassif

Marketing Representative

With a bachelor?s in business, Mariane is a graduating student majoring in marketing, her interest, besides traveling, is digital and brand management marketing which makes her an invaluable asset to our team. Her enthusiasm and ambition when working with people allows her to collaborate with ease.

Joelle Assaf

Marketing Representative

Joelle has a profound interest for the entertainment industry, and whether it?s music, film, or live entertainment she always has her ear to the ground about everything current. With a bachelor?s degree in marketing, she joined the team to utilize the skills she has learned along the way, develop new ones, and continue to grow her knowledge of the industry. Her drive, dedication and experience in event planning makes her a great addition to the 1PXL team



Rex represents the strength of our team. Try to get a toy out of his mouth and you?ll understand! He never fails to get what he wants even if it takes a lot of time and perseverance. He?s fast and full of energy but when the time comes, he knows how to stop and listen. Always loyal to the team, 1PXL wouldn?t be the same without him.