Graphic Design

What we do

From traditional 2D to motion graphics, we tackle any projects whether it’s small like photo editing or big like redefining your brand to give you a unique look. Our designers have the softwares, the skills and the experience to help you with your needs.

How we get it done

We use a large variety of tools to get to the end result and maintain industry standards.

In terms of softwares, we most comonly use the Adobe Creative Suite – Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

We are also equipped with other tools such as digital drawing tablets and light tables for traditional 2D drawing.

Traditional Printing / Digital

We can do both. Nowadays a lot is done digitally but our designers have pre-press experience as well. Let us know what your project is for and we will provide you the files. If you are unaware of the file format you need for your print, you can let us get in touch with your print shop directly and we will make sure everything is tailored for them.

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