Immersive Experiences

Live Events

With COVID-19 and the confinement, it is hard or impossible to host big events. 1PXL provides a solution where your events can still take place within a virtual world. We provide a customizable out of the box platform for your viewers to watch at home while feeling immersed. We can add interactability such as live emojis, real-time chatting and more.

Viewing experiences

We can create fully 3D virtual worlds where a story can be told. The viewer can be part of the experience and be fully immersed into the emotions displayed on screen. Our team is composed of artists who will take care of the characters, objects and animations, our audio team will take care of soundtracks and voices and our software team can put all of this to life. All you have to do is tell us your story.

Educational experiences

The best way to learn is to use as many senses as possible and virtual reality allows to use sight, touch and hearing all at the same time. Some examples of educational experiences are therapies, bartending classes, first aid classes, driving lessons and much more.

Sales experience

You can be part of the newest way to advertise and sell your products. Now with COVID-19, it is difficult to receive clients in your branch office. Shopping on the internet or your phone is practical, but not for everything. For example, we can recreate the sales process of a car dealership in virtual reality. We can also provide a virtual tour for renting or selling property. The consumer can have a better feel of what he or she is buying.

Virtual production

Virtual production is an innovative approach to cinematography. Using the VR technology, we can have virtual cameras to be able to film real objects with a CG background. This way, the cameramen can visualize the whole picture and create incredible shots. With the power of a game engine, we can create fully CGI scenes alongside real world objects or people in a more practical way.

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